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    Progressive Web Apps (also known as PWAs for sure) continue to gain traction and popularity in the world of eCommerce – specifically when it comes to mobile eCommerce, also known more affectionately as mCommerce.



    The Imagination Media team is excited to announce that they will once again be present at the world’s largest and premier Magento event – Imagine 2018, the e-commerce conference organized by Magento, Inc. The prestigious and increasingly popular event will take place at The Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 23–25.

  3. PreImagine 2017 Video Recap

    PreImagine 2017 Video Recap

  4. mCommerce Continues to Surge in America. Is YOUR Brand Ready to Deliver?

    mCommerce Continues to Surge in America. Is YOUR Brand Ready to Deliver?

    Mobile is truly where it’s at in 2017 America. Including mobile commerce (aka mCommerce). In a fascinating new report, comScore released eCommerce findings and data from the fourth quarter of 2016, and some of the data related to mCommerce is truly eye-popping. The data demonstrated that more “traditional” eCommerce itself remains incredibly powerful and valuable in our society today. During the fourth quarter of 2016 alone, U.S. consumers spent $86.6 billion on their home and work PCs – a surge of 13 percent, year-over-year, from fourth quarter of 2015.

  5. How can we Increase the Magento® Patch Rate?

    How can we Increase the Magento® Patch Rate?

    Magento® Security Scare Shows We All Must Make Changes. It’s Time to Come Together. And Increase the Magento® Patch Rate. Strange times can lead to strange things. And cybersecurity threats are more real now than ever before. I recently participated in a podcast interview with the good folks at MageTalk regarding a recent cybersecurity fiasco – the skimming of credit card numbers from Magento® Stores. I made a few mistakes here and there. I didn’t get all my facts right. And I forgot to propose a smart solution to the situation. It happens. Especially in today’s society of instant gratification and immediate communication. It’s easy to be a gasbag. It’s simple to get caught up in the wrong idea or opinion – and chase it down a rabbit hole, or up into the clouds (or cloud).

  6. Mobile Commerce may define 2016! Ready to reap the benefits?

    Mobile Commerce may define 2016! Ready to reap the benefits?

    We recently blogged at length about a fascinating forecast for 2016, in which mobile shopping (or m-commerce) is predicted to become an even larger portion of online commerce (or e-commerce). Much of that post drew on insights gleaned from the recent Mobile Checkout Report by BI Intelligence, which predicted that by 2020, mobile purchasing will encompass 45 percent of the projected $632 billion in total e-commerce sales. As it turns out, that report was but one of many emerging forecasts that are bullish on the state of m-commerce in 2016.

  7. PreImagine 2016 Video Recap

    PreImagine 2016 Video Recap

    PreImagine 2016 is an Awesome event organized by Interactiv4 Inc. It was the perfect community party to catch up with old friends and meet new people. Thanks @magentogirl & @ignacioriesco for all your hard work and allowing us to be a part of it.

  8. Is Magento 2 Ideal for Everyone?

    Is Magento 2 Ideal for Everyone?

    Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of talk on Twitter debating whether Magento 2 is really a good fit for the small business (aka SMB) sector. Some claim Magento has decided to sidestep that market entirely, and aim strictly for the medium business and enterprise market. Others claim Magento 2 is, in fact, ideal for everyone (WINK WINK). Some people view Magento 2 as ideal for the small business that wants to stand out, desires flexibility, and craves the ability to grow down the line. Many others claim it’s just too expensive and complicated to develop, too pricey to host, and too costly to maintain.

  9. Ready to Move from Nitrosell to Magento?

    Ready to Move from Nitrosell to Magento?

    Once upon a time, maybe the best way for a retailer to enter the ever-evolving e-commerce space involved them installing an e-commerce add-on that was explicitly engineered for their point-of-sale (or POS) system. Such an add-on provided the retailer with not only a low-cost entryway into e-commerce, but also a low-risk opportunity to secure a rapid online presence. Alas, not all software publishers offered these add-ons, so several entities sprung up – each one of them promising to fill this void.

  10. Retail Management Systems & Rewards Points

    Retail Management Systems & Rewards Points

    Here at Imagination Media, we recently blogged in great detail about the debut of Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Hero (RMH for short). Microsoft Dynamics RMH offers just about everything Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management Systems) did, plus an updated and enhanced user interface and several improved new functions and features, like in-depth reports and APIs for add-ons. We stand ready and able to help you and your business make the transition to RMH today. But we also want to remind you about the enduring value of another “R word” when it comes to building your business and brand online: Rewards.

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