1. Are You Ready For The Omni-Channel Consumer?

    Are You Ready For The Omni-Channel Consumer?

    It sounds almost…ominous. Omni-channel. But the reality of the word – and the deep meaning that lies behind it – is quite the opposite of ominous. If anything else, it may be an omen. An omen for bigger and better things to come for your business. Simply put, the “omni-channel consumer” is the driving force who stands to shape the very future of e-commerce. He and she will likely have an awful lot to say about the next step in brick-and-mortar businesses too. That’s because the omni-channel consumer shops, browses and buys in both the online (e-commerce) and physical retail (in-store) spaces. Even that time-honored, old-school brand Macy’s has been observed recently referring to itself as “an omni-channel retail organization operating stores and websites.”

  2. E-commerce: Merchandising Matters

    E-commerce: Merchandising Matters

    What’s an online merchandiser? In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, it’s one of the most sought-after positions today. And it’s absolutely critical to the success of any e-commerce operation or store. But despite the rise in this role and its importance, many e-commerce operations remain under-staffed – or even un-staffed – when it comes to this vital position. In the most traditional sense of the term, merchandising has mostly been about the product in the shelf – and making sure it stays stocked and visible. Put simply, it has to do with what’s available for purchase inside the store.

  3. Integration Between Magento and Point of Sale

    Integration Between Magento and Point of Sale

    Integration. It’s a practice that is often easier talked about than practiced – both in life as a whole and in technology solutions in particular. But it’s also an endeavor that’s worth every bit of added effort that may be needed. When you create your customized e-commerce solution, you’ll want to practice and implement strong principles and examples of integration. Chief amongst those integration implementations?

  4. Mobile-Commerce: Don’t Let Change & Consumers Pass You By

    Mobile-Commerce: Don’t Let Change & Consumers Pass You By

    A big change is coming soon. A change that could heavily impact each and every e-commerce operation online. On April 21, 800-pound gorilla Google will start using “mobile-friendly compliance” as a ranking factor in smartphone search. There are many meanings to this change, but chief among them is that you should absolutely ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. In short, mobile compliance is becoming less and less of an optional indulgence. And more and more of an absolute necessity.

  5. WANTED: Compelling. Consistent. Content.

    WANTED: Compelling. Consistent. Content.

    It’s a word you hear and see more and more with every passing day now. Especially if you’re involved in any online marketing or advertising endeavors. Content. But what does content mean, exactly? And is all content created equal?

  6. Time To Replatform? Time For Magento!

    Time To Replatform? Time For Magento!

    Change is a natural and unavoidable part of life. And for e-commerce merchants, there comes a time when you must make the decision to change your platform. Or, in the more commonly used industry terminology, there comes a time when you must decide to re-platform.

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