1. Magento Innovations Lab

    Magento Innovations Lab: A talk with the innovator

    If you've been in or around the Magento community, you've probably heard about Magento Innovations Lab. If you haven't, Magento will quickly break it down for you: "Our intention is to uncover and promote early stage, experimental, bleeding edge implementations of emerging technologies on the Magento eCommerce platforms."

  2. Is Your Site Helping Maximize Consumers’ Precious Time?

    Is Your Site Helping Maximize Consumers’ Precious Time?

    Time. It’s a precious commodity in America today. Maybe more precious – and perhaps scarce – than ever before. In addition to the daily time-crunch we all face, there’s also the matter of multi-tasking. We all do it. Some of us better than others, sure, but we all do it, pretty much all the time now.

  3. How E-Commerce Providers Can Compete with Google Today

    How E-Commerce Providers Can Compete with Google Today

    There once was a time where the online world (then the domain of nascent “digital marketers”) consisted primarily of two very distinct realms:

    Online search. And online commerce (also known as e-commerce or, when conducted via mobile device, m-commerce).  



    The Imagination Media team is excited to announce that they will once again be present at the world’s largest and premier Magento event – Imagine 2018, the e-commerce conference organized by Magento, Inc. The prestigious and increasingly popular event will take place at The Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 23–25.

  5. How can we Increase the Magento® Patch Rate?

    How can we Increase the Magento® Patch Rate?

    Magento® Security Scare Shows We All Must Make Changes. It’s Time to Come Together. And Increase the Magento® Patch Rate. Strange times can lead to strange things. And cybersecurity threats are more real now than ever before. I recently participated in a podcast interview with the good folks at MageTalk regarding a recent cybersecurity fiasco – the skimming of credit card numbers from Magento® Stores. I made a few mistakes here and there. I didn’t get all my facts right. And I forgot to propose a smart solution to the situation. It happens. Especially in today’s society of instant gratification and immediate communication. It’s easy to be a gasbag. It’s simple to get caught up in the wrong idea or opinion – and chase it down a rabbit hole, or up into the clouds (or cloud).

  6. Is Magento 2 Ideal for Everyone?

    Is Magento 2 Ideal for Everyone?

    Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of talk on Twitter debating whether Magento 2 is really a good fit for the small business (aka SMB) sector. Some claim Magento has decided to sidestep that market entirely, and aim strictly for the medium business and enterprise market. Others claim Magento 2 is, in fact, ideal for everyone (WINK WINK). Some people view Magento 2 as ideal for the small business that wants to stand out, desires flexibility, and craves the ability to grow down the line. Many others claim it’s just too expensive and complicated to develop, too pricey to host, and too costly to maintain.

  7. New Year’s Revolution! Mobile shopping will be key

    New Year’s Revolution! Mobile shopping will be key

    We’re on the verge of a New Year. And all of us here at Imagination Media would like to wish you a very happy, healthy, productive and success 2016! We’d also like to make you aware of a fascinating forecast for 2016: Mobile shopping will continue to account for a larger and larger portion of e-commerce. And e-commerce itself is also projected to maintain growth throughout the new year.

  8. Magento 2 is here!

    Magento 2 is here!

    Here at Imagination Media, we’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the powerful e-commerce platform called Magento. After all, Magento offers online store owners a flexible platform that’s customizable, scalable and mobile-ready. It empowers merchants to enjoy benefits like SEO enhancements and increased sales – while reducing long-term maintenance costs. And in our mobile-driven world, it offers strong support for native applications on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

  9. Magento SUPEE-6482

    Magento SUPEE-6482

    Attention, merchants! As part of Magento’s ongoing efforts to enhance the security of your online store, they will be releasing a new security patch, called SUPEE-6482, tomorrow on August 4, 2015. This patch will also be built into the latest releases of Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition (versions and respectively). As dedicated security advocates, Imagination Media highly recommends having your store patched or updated immediately upon release to ensure the safety of your customer’s information. Contact Us today to have us do this for you!

  10. Magento is sold by Ebay – Set for huge growth.

    Magento is sold by Ebay – Set for huge growth.

    In a truly massive – both in terms of meaning and dollar value – transaction, online and e-commerce heavyweight eBay Inc. sold its eBay Enterprise division for $925 million to a consortium partnership between equity firms Permira and Sterling Partners. This sale comes fast on the heels of a January split between eBay and Paypal. Technically speaking, international private equity firm Permira and growth-oriented private equity firm Sterling Partners joined forces to create a consortium – which consists of Sterling Partners, Longview Asset Management, the Innotrac Corporation and assorted companies owned by the Permira funds. This consortium then purchased eBay Enterprise for the massive $925 million total.

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