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The Mobile Optimization Initiative is a conversion optimization service designed to help online retailers like you uncover the data they need to close the mobile gap.

It’s a game-changer. And it’s completely free.

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Percent of every dollar that’s influenced by a digital interaction


Amount of customers willing to pay more for a better shopping experience


Percent of Americans who say they want faster online checkouts

What’s in it for you? Everything

The Mobile Optimization Initiative helps retailers give their customers a better, faster, more improved mobile shopping experience. Participants receive:

  • A complimentary mobile checkout funnel assessment

  • Optimized campaign design and implementation toolkits

  • Professional consulting services throughout the program’s duration

The value of mobile

Companies that invest in better mobile retail experiences have enjoyed the following results:


return on investment


in less than three months


net present value


Your personal mobile laboratory

MOI participants can easily participate in a wide range of customized checkout optimization experiments designed to increase conversions and drive sales on your mobile e-Commerce site.

Real Experiments. Real Insight.

Experiment #1

Display cart total in header


lift in mobile revenue per visit

Theory: Showing the cart total keeps cart items top of mind, eases sticker shock and encourages users to move through the checkout funnel.

Experiment #2

Hide chat from cart and checkout


lift in mobile revenue per visit

Theory: Removing the chat window from the cart and checkout pages keeps the user focused on the checkout process.

Experiment #3

Remove breadcrumbs from mobile site


drop in mobile revenue per visit

Theory: Customers love all carbs, even breadcrumbs.

*Results are based on the average findings from merchants participating in the study and are not guaranteed for all users.

It was a win-win for us. We were able to make our customers have a better experience. We were able to generate more revenue for the company as well as get valuable information about what does and doesn’t work.

– CTO, Magazine publisher and merchandiser

Start capturing more money from mobile

Join retailers around the world who are closing the mobile gap. MOI participants will have access to resources and support, including:

  • Sponsored use of the HiConversion software for 60 days

  • Sponsored support from experienced conversion optimization specialists

  • Access to 122 pre-designed mobile e-Commerce optimization experiments

  • Global insights into mobile e-Commerce optimization trends


Funding for the Mobile Optimization Initiative is provided by PayPal. HiConversion provides both expertise and licensing for its product. All tests and results are conducted independently by the community of participants.