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Create the best e-Commerce solutions for your customers — and your team — with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the only platform powered by the world’s top CRM.

Imagination Media can help you unlock the full potential of this powerful platform to offer your customers the fastest, smartest, most engaging online retail experiences.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud By The Numbers


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Improvement in conversion rates for brands that switched to Salesforce

A Team of Experts at Your Side

When you partner with Imagination Media, you join forces with one of the most knowledgeable teams of certified Salesforce technology partners in the industry. Let us help you harness the power of the world’s #1 CRM to create a retail experience that customers will fall in love with again and again, whether they’re shopping online, in-store or on their phones.

Salesforce Features

Smarter. Better. Faster

Top B2B Features

Cross-Channel Customer Insights
Understand exactly what your B2B customers need from you at every touchpoint, on every channel.

Engage More Customers
Make every B2B e-Commerce interaction more seamless, relevant and better-connected than ever before.

Optimized to Help You Grow
Take advantage of the fastest enterpriseB2B e-Commerce implementation times on the market.

Tailored to Your Customers Needs
Customize your B2B e-Commerce experience to fit the needs of specific industries, segments and markets.

Next-Gen AI Technology
Eliminate manual tasks like updating customer segments and creating new product groupings, just to name a few.

Top B2C Features

Advanced AI Functionality
Convert more customers by instantly and easily offering them the most personalized experiences.

Fully Integrated
Share data across your entire business to dazzle your customers at every touchpoint in their journey.

Convert more shoppers with tools that make it easier to master mobile commerce, including one-touch payment.

Headless Commerce
Meet customers where they are and make changes on the fly without impacting your back-end system.

Seamless Ordering
Drive operational excellence—while inspiring repeat purchases—by offering real-time access to your entire inventory.


If it can be built, we can build it for you.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, need an upgrade or redesign, or are looking for a specialty configuration, our team of designers, developers and consultants can help you get the most out of the world’s top e-Commerce platforms. We know these platforms so well, we’ve built custom extensions and add-ons to make engaging your target customers easier—and faster—than you ever imagined.

Making Salesforce Even Better

Custom extensions that keep our customers ahead of the curve.


Making it easier and faster to go live with a fully functional online store tailored to your operational, industry and customer needs.

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Innovate, Scale and Achieve Extraordinary Growth With Salesforce and Imagination Media

We help small, medium and enterprise brands get to market faster and improve their conversion rates by helping them take full advantage of this robust e-Commerce platform. Trust us to help you unlock all the possibilities of Salesforce and deliver the best, most personalized customer experiences.