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See results faster than you ever imagined with PWR, custom Adobe solutions that are budget-friendly, easy to use and designed to grow your brand.

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PWR, Imagination Media’s custom Adobe solutions, help you launch, grow or evolve a feature-rich B2B or B2C e-Commerce experience quickly and affordably, without sacrificing security or quality.



No need for a massive budget.

PWR solutions are one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market.


No need to hire a large team of specialists.

PWR’s out-of-the-box functionality is intuitive and easy to use.


No need to wait.

PWR’s pre-coded extensions, enhancements and custom UX and UI features makes it easy to create and manage a world-class e-Commerce site — FAST.

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Custom extensions that keep our customers ahead of the curve.


Lazy Load for Page Builder

Experience up to 70% faster page load times. Improve your site’s SEO and save money by reducing your server's bandwidth usage.


Video Uploader for Page Builder

Increase conversion rates by up to 80% and improve your rank in search results by easily adding videos to products, category pages and customer touchpoints.


Photo Gallery for Page Builder

Empower your team to create stunning galleries, albums and slideshows in just a few clicks with our easy-to-use interface.


Meet your team

You — and your customers — deserve the best. Our team of talented designers, developers and e-Commerce consultants help brands big and small innovate, scale and achieve extraordinary growth by making your entire business faster, leaner and easier to manage.

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