Boost Conversion Rates: Data Driven Improvements

Discover how a mobile-first approach empowered by data, analysis, and continual improvements supported this NYC jewelry brand's growth.

webinar catbird and paypal

Imagination Media is proud to present a webinar on a topic all merchants, marketers and service providers are interested in: boosting your conversion rate.

In this hour-long webinar we talked with Catbird, HiConversion and PayPal to let you in on a secret or two of getting those numbers up. Here's who exactly you can expect:

  • Sriya Karumanchi, PR & Marketing Manager, Catbird

  • Tim Bohn, Marketing Director, HiConversion

  • Rob Long, eCommerce Evangelist, PayPal

Together, they'll cover topics which range from using data to your advantage all the way to getting creative with your experiments.

In this webinar you will learn this and then some:

  • Why data is supposed to support your strategy, not guide it

  • Using data to close the Mobile Gap

  • Learning the role of personalization