Everything customers love about your brand. Made even better.

Our integration teams develop custom-configured solutions that make your entire business faster, leaner and easier to manage.

There is a better way. We’ll help you find it.

Stop fighting your infrastructure. Stop living in disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other.

Our integration teams can help you connect every aspect of your business — from inventory management to marketing to retail POS — to create an omnichannel engagement strategy that improves the experience of every customer at every touchpoint.


Customer retention rate of brands that embrace omnichannel engagement

One-of-a-kind solutions for
one-of-a-kind brands

Whether you’re new to omnichannel marketing or already have strategies in place, we can create a custom solution that saves you time and money while boosting your bottom line.

Unlimited possibilities

Create seamless and scalable shopping experiences by harnessing the power of the worl's most reliable and secure e-Commerce platforms and third-party applications.

Customized, flexible and optimized for success

Our integration solutions are tailored to your exact requirements and platform-agnostic — we work with everything from NetSuite to Dynamics AX to third-party CRMs.

Enhanced efficiency, minus the headache

Connect every corner of your business, including your WMS, CRM, ERP and shipping applications, without sacrificing your current business processes.

Manage your inventory on every channel.

See how Imagination Media and Teamwork Commerce can help.

Meet Your Integration Team

You — and your customers — deserve the best. Our team of designers, developers and e-Commerce consultants help brands of all sizes build and launch the world’s most engaging, content-rich e-Commerce sites.

Imagination Media Team
Imagination Media Team

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the shopping experience they