Turning retail business into an e-Commerce hit

With Imagination Media, 260 Sample Sale found the right style, fit, and function in an e-Commerce platform to scale their business and thrive during the pandemic.

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Imagination Media has a great aesthetic and a great way of leveraging data to make decisions that work for our customers and brands we partner with. I don’t think I’ve ever come to Imagination Media, where the feedback was: “That’s outside of the scope of our abilities.” They take visual representation seriously, just like our clients.

- Assaf Azani, Vice President, 260 Sample Sale

About 260 Sample Sale

260 Sample Sale, the sample sale industry leader, partners with major fashion brands to create unique sale events.  Historically, 260 ran these events in major cities such as NYC, LA, Miami, with their flagship location on 260 Fifth Ave in New York.

260 is best known for the fine-tuned selection of high fashion brands, curating all the best markdowns for their loyal customer base.

260 partnered with Imagination Media in the Spring of 2020 to conduct digital transformation and launch an e-Commerce experience for the first time.

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The Challenge

The unforeseen impact of COVID-19 forced 260 Sample Sale to shut-down their events nationwide. In an effort to ensure continuity of the business, 260 had to quickly pivot to bring their sales online. With the help of Imagination Media & Shopify Plus, 260 Sample Sale has:

  • Created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience powered by 12 Shopify Plus Stores

  • Provided their customers with multi-channel shopping options

  • Developed a comprehensive omni-channel marketing & growth strategy

They needed a rich cross-channel experience that helps them adapt to the diverse set of customers they attract, all while keeping in mind heavy operational investments of short-lived events they organize for premium fashion and luxury brands.

The Solution

  • Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

  • Experience (UX & UI) Design

  • Commerce Development

By adding e-Commerce into their already successful retail business, 260 Sample Sale experienced growth in traffic and leads that translated to growth in sales.

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260 Sample Sale was the go-to choice in town for sample sales, and it needed to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19. The challenge at hand was learning how to compete for sales in a completely new environment: the digital world.



Shopify Plus offers a well-designed and customizable framework that 260 Sample Sale was able to use through their digital transformation journey. By adding e-Commerce onto their already booming retail business we created a seamless shopping experience for both returning and new customers. 260 Sample Sale doubled sales within the first partnered launch and continued to grow with our collaborative efforts.


omnichannel customer experience

260 Sample Sale is now streamlining customer interactions across multiple touchpoints in a unified way to deliver a consistent brand experience. This digital omnichannel strategy focuses on delivering a cohesive customer experience irrespective of the channel used by customers. With the help of Shopify Plus, 260 Sample Sale has created a seamless journey across all channels, both online and offline. Offering great customer experience through an effective and well designed omnichannel ecosystem.



Shopify Plus helped improve data collection efforts to go deeper and capture new audiences and strengthen relationships. Measuring and analyzing data as it came in improved positioning in the market and ensured an ecosystem that works on macro and micro levels. With a single view of inventory, orders, and customer data 260 Sample Sale can keep track of what’s happening across their entire business in real time. There customers can now reap the benefits of up-to-date product inventories and the flexibility to browse, pay, and fulfill orders however they want.

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To Summarize

Imagination Media helped 260 Sample Sale create a Mobile-Optimized solution that empowers the brand to offer a highly-curated and customized experience, exceeding both brands' and customers’ demands for exceptional service and quality content.

This reimagining of the business brought digital transformation, omnichannel strategies, and unified analytics to better serve customers. By combining offline and online channels, 260 Sample Sale increased their reach, added convenience for customers, and a competitive edge in a saturated market.


One of the beautiful things that we found about Imagination Media is the mindset. They helped us build and shape a unique digital experience while keeping distinct clients and stories in mind at all times.

- Laura DiGiovanna, Head of Marketing, 260 Sample Sale

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