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By tapping into the full power of the world’s top digital retail solutions, we created a one-of-a-kind mobile shopping experience for a one-of-a-kind brand.

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By the numbers


increase in mobile transactions


increase in mobile revenue and conversions


increase in YoY sales


I can’t imagine a better partner than Imagination Media. They are responsive, smart and on the cutting edge of technology. They took the time to listen to our needs and were able to interpret them in creative ways, in addition to bringing us new ideas we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. We feel so lucky to work with such a great team to drive our complete e-Commerce experience.

- Rony Vardi, Founder and CEO of Catbird NYC

About Catbird NYC

Since its founding in 2004, Catbird NYC has evolved from a humble Brooklyn storefront to one of the world’s top destinations for ethically made white, yellow and rose gold jewelry.

Throughout its evolution, Catbird has remained true to its roots – shiny, exciting and dedicated to giving back to the community that helped build it.

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The Challenge

After being featured in magazines like Marie Claire and Vogue — and receiving accolades from influencers around the globe — Catbird NYC turned to Imagination Media to create a digital retail experience that could serve its rapidly growing worldwide customer base.

Catbird NYC sells one-of-a-kind jewelry. They needed a one-of-a-kind digital retail experience that reflected the values and chutzpah of their original storefront.

The shopping experience had to be highly-customizable, giving customers control of their products, delivery, and how they make Catbird NYC products part of their lives. A cookie-cutter solution would not work for this dynamic and exciting brand.

The Solution

  • Replatform to Magento 2 Commerce

  • Customer Experience Strategy and Design

  • Custom Integrations

Imagination Media harnessed the highly-customizable functionality of Magento Commerce to give Catbird NYC the infinite possibilities they need to venture into new markets, increase their “endless aisle” approach to retail, and expand their ever-growing affiliate and marketing channels.


To give Catbird NYC complete control of their content and offer an experience as personalized as their products, Imagination Media also created additional, custom attributes, content types and JS, including:


Customized stock messaging system

This allows customers to know what is available right now, what is in the WIP pipelines, and when they can expect their highly personalized products to arrive.


Send a Hint

By leveraging custom modules, customers are able to share product information with others to find that perfect gift. Imagination Media also extended the wishlist functionality native to the Magento platform to include multiple channels of engagement.


"How You Wear It" module

This Instagram integration allows Catbird NYC customers to share their experience with the world. The module is extended into the PDP, allowing shopping at the product level based on the style and suggestion of others. The use of extended product models and product recommendations gives customers the power to find Catbird products based on previous shopping history and insights from the entire customer base.


To Summarize

Imagination Media helped Catbird NYC create a Mobile-Optimized experience that empowers the brand to offer a highly-curated and customized mobile experience, exceeding customers’ demands for exceptional service and quality content.

This new e-Commerce solution offers endless possibilities for customer engagement. Imagination Media gave Catbird NYC the voice its products and brands need to be successful.


Imagination Media’s solutions allow us to easily integrate with exciting software partners like PayPal, Nosto, HiConversion, Bluecore, Klaviyo and Afterpay to drive our products and brand globally. The result is a 20% increase in operational efficiency, giving us more time to focus on the customer.

- Anna Wessel, Digital Product Manager, Catbird NYC

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