Customer experience & lifecycle marketing

In collaboration with Klaviyo, Imagination Media transformed Montana Silversmith's web and mobile customer experiences improving their reach and revenue.

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By the numbers


Increase in revenue


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in transactions

Established Goals

Drive more qualified new customers
  • Improve SEO to increase organic traffic

  • Drive more traffic to site from e-mail

Enhace online experiences/drive conversions
  • Improve SEO to increase organic traffic

  • Drive more traffic to site from e-mail

Double down on existing customers
  • Drive conversions with personalized triggered campaigns powered by customer behavior

  • Develop a Loyalty Program for VIP customers

  • Leverage qualitative feedback through experimentation

Deliver ROI on marketing technology
  • Amalgamate data and leverage insights to craft high performing segments with targeted campaigns

  • Capture Customer Information to drive ROI on Google Ads

  • Develop an action plan to improve & extend the customer experience off-site and drive customers to return

Our Process

We follow this cyclical methodology to ensure that we continuously improve Montana Silversmiths’ growth strategy based on the business objectives that you give us.

This ensures that we are continually pushing each other to do better and achieve more with the resources you have.

We are now circling back to Goal & Business Review with plans to develop a new roadmap for 2022.

Key Actions

User experience
  • Improved Mobile Icons, Fonts, Images to Better Match Brand

  • Decrease # of CTAs in the cart, Cleaned CTA Process

  • Improve Category Filters & Intuitiveness

  • Convert Site Visitors to Subscribers

  • Reduce Opacity in Dropdowns

  • Improve the Banner Carousel

  • Clean up Wishlist Process

  • Improve Mobile Speed

  • Overhaul Home Page

Branding & Content
  • Content Development & Channel Alignment

    • Cross-Channel Calendar Synchronicity

    • Develop Measurable KPIs

    • Integrate Blog, Social, Website Experiences

  • Community Development

    • Seek and leverage UGC

    • Incentivize inter-active engagement

  • Comprehensive Content Organization

    • Clearly Define Strategy, Timeline(s), & Voice

Marketing Automation
  • Comprehensively Adopt Klaviyo’s Native Features & Functionality

  • Improve Overall E-mail Design & Re-Vamp Content Strategy

  • Better Collect & Segment Customer Data

  • Implement Data Acquisition Strategy

  • Create Lifecycle Marketing Strategy

  • Implement Loyalty Program

  • Build Preference Center

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Correct Metadata and URL issues, Canonical tags, and 4xx Errors

  • Improve Descriptions

  • Correct Content Issues to improve load time

  • Remove Duplicate Titles

  • Fix Temporary Redirect & Redirect Chain

  • Improve Key Word Strategy

  • Deep Dive Meeting with Relevant Stakeholders/Imagination


As a result of Imagination Media's enhancements to Montana Silversmith's web and mobile customer experiences, they saw an immediate jump in conversions and transactions, which led to a 60% increase in revenue year over year in the first 90 days.

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