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Reimagining the Way Designers Shop for Materials

By creating a more immersive search tool and reinventing the way inventory is managed, Imagination Media helped Material Bank achieve triple-digit growth.

By the Numbers


Fulfillment guarantee for in-stock products


Increase in transactions


Increase in monthly growth

“Imagination Media has helped us personalize and curate a truly individual customer experience while reducing technical debt. This has completely changed how our users do their jobs. The growth we are seeing now wouldn’t be possible without a strong partner like Imagination Media.”

- Peter Fain, Chief Operating Officer, Material Bank

In 2019, Material Bank disrupted the design industry by developing a robotics-powered order fulfillment system that made the formerly time- and resource-intensive process of searching for materials simple, efficient and eco-friendly.

Today, Material Bank is the world’s largest architecture and design material resource library. It’s also the only place where designers can search for and order materials from every leading brand at once.

The Challenge

Material Bank wanted to offer the fastest and most powerful way for design professionals to search and sample materials. To accomplish this, they needed a powerful search tool that could handle the company’s 25 million product data points and hundreds of thousands of SKUs.

To best serve its detail-obsessed architect and designer audience, they also needed a search tool that could produce results with perfect imagery, as well as the cleanest, most comprehensive data.

In addition to delivering robust search results, Material Bank also wanted to offer customers the best delivery and fulfillment experience. Previous attempts at managing stock fell short, leading to increased order cancellations and rerouting errors.

The Solution

To achieve Material Bank’s ambitious goals and its need to handle dynamically changing content across mobile and desktop applications, Imagination Media reimagined the brand’s site search tool, catalog display and custom display elements.


  • Customer Experience Strategy and Design

  • Custom Develpment

  • New Order Management Tools

  • Expanded Merchandising Options


In addition to leveraging Magento’s built-in functionality, Imagination Media also created custom modules, including:

Product Sort and Randomization

Previously, merchandising the Material Bank site took hours. Now, data is systematically randomized and organized, always guaranteeing a fresh, user experience, while giving vendors and manufacturers equal representation

New Product Categories

Imagination Media used Springbot and custom code to extend past the predetermined product categories of Simple, Configurable, Bundle and Kit. Now, customers can search for materials and durable goods based on use cases and the rating of third-party manufacturers.

Order Management Regulator

To reduce inventory exhaustion caused by fraud and abuse, the Order Management Regulator screens all orders against predefined rules and allows for intervention in those that may exceed inventory thresholds.

Custom Fulfillment

Imagination Media leveraged the power of Made4Net as a WMS and fulfillment platform that drives warehouse operations through Locus and a series of automated robotics. Now, Material Bank can accept orders based on a more realistic inventory model and avoid fulfillment requests to third-party vendors. Designers who order samples by midnight receive a single box containing their full order by 10:30 am the next day.


Imagination Media created a highly personalized and immersive way for Material Bank’s design and décor customers to search for and select materials and samples. Instead of merely sorting through swatches and product attributes, customers can also search by use case and filter results based on availability.

In addition to reimagining the customer experience, Imagination Media also improved Material Bank’s inventory management systems. Now, the brand can offer a 99.9999% fulfillment guarantee for in-stock products.

“We are lucky we found a partner who is as passionate as we are about pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

- Peter Fain, Chief Operating Officer, Material Bank

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