Artfully managing inventory.

Imagination Media created the Oliver Gal brand experience their followers obsess over with an inspired website renovation and by creatively managing orders.

About Oliver Gal

The Oliver Gal Artist Co., created by sisters Ana Sanchez-Gal and Lola Sanchez, combines the luxury of high-end art at affordable prices.

The South Florida sisters were on a quest to find museum quality art that would inspire art lovers to decorate their homes creating a space they love.

The Challenge

Like many high-growth companies, Oliver Gal had developed proprietary business systems and processes at the onset of their direct-to-consumer initiative that eventually became more cumbersome than helpful.

As sales began scaling, the existing infrastructure became fraught with technical debt and overhead. Inventory management through complex manual processes and order workflows began to impede the brand’s ability to focus on growth. It was also not scalable.

Shoppers frequently requested modifications on their orders which required manual updates in multiple systems depending on the order status. To make things even more challenging, the Customer Service team’s systems were disconnected, and everything had to be manually transferred or updated from one system to the other, because nothing was integrated. With the focus placed on keeping up with sales, the site’s user experience became a second-tier focus, impeding their efforts to improve conversion rate.

The Solution

From the onset, Imagination Media recommended Oliver Gal evaluate Salesforce’s robust ecosystem of technology solutions to improve operational efficiency through automation and integration and provide an ecommerce platform more suitable for scalability and growth.

Following a lengthy collaborative due diligence period, Oliver Gal opted to implement Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Order Management, and Service Cloud. With the help of Imagination Media, Oliver Gal transformed their entire direct-to-consumer operations from customer experience to inventory management and fulfillment.

In addition to streamlining operations through automation, Imagination Media worked with Oliver Gal to re-think the customer experience and leveraged the re-platform opportunity to re-design and improve U/X. With the help of Salesforce’s comprehensive suite of tools, we provided out-of-the-box, advanced merchandising options, and Einstein powered personalization.With these recommendations, the new site performs and converts higher than ever before.

To Summarize

Through intense collaboration and guidance, together, Imagination Media and Oliver Gal developed a state-of-the-art direct-to-consumer strategy.

The post-launch implementation minimizes technical debt, manual overhead, and technology costs while maximizing on-site conversions with a best-in-class customer experience second to none. With their processes streamlined, they are now able to efficiently manage orders and focus on what they love: art.

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