Só DANça

Helping the world’s top dancewear designer reach new markets

Imagination Media helped Só Dança double their growth by reinventing the brand’s B2B customer experience and creating a new B2C retail channel.

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By the numbers


increase in daily revenue


increase in user retention


increase in conversion rates


Imagination Media created a website that is not only beautiful — it also revolutionizes our relationship with visitors. They helped us develop a unique customer experience, innovate our inventory management processes, and integrate a digital marketing solution that compliments our long-standing business practices.

- Helena Hines, COO at Só Dança

About Só Dança

Since opening its first stores in Brazil in the 1980s, Só Dança has revolutionized the dance and performance art industry by creating the highest-performing bodywear and footwear.

Today, their original patterns and attention to detail have earned them recognition as one of the world’s most sought after dancewear designers.

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The Challenge

A company older than the internet, Só Dança relied on processes and systems that could no longer keep up with modern customers' needs and demands. In 2019, they turned to Imagination Media to reimagine their B2B customer strategy and develop a new B2C e-Commerce experience.

Before engaging Imagination Media, Só Dança’s B2B customer experience was based on  printed catalogs, mail and telephone orders, and manual communication strategies.

End-consumers were limited by the stock availability of their local retailer. They were also unable to view all of Só Dança’s product line and had to put up with lengthy wait times for custom and back orders.

Só Dança wanted to completely revolutionize their relationship with current customers and embrace new strategies to offer a direct to consumer line.

The Solution

  • B2B Magento 2 Commerce

  • Integrations

  • Custom Stock Modules

  • Product Builder

By leveraging the power of the top e-Commerce tools, Imagination Media created a robust and content-rich portal that strengthened Só Dança’s B2B customer relationships and allowed them to sell their products directly to consumers.

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Imagination Media also developed custom functionality that empowered Só Dança to pursue additional e-Commerce initiatives, including:


Customized Product Pages

Consumers can now determine exactly how merchandise will look and feel thanks to features like detailed sizing information, robust imagery and product recommendations.


Expanded Purchasing Options

Most of the brand’s competition caters only to B2B or B2C markets. Só Dança is now able to cater to both segments with expanded online and in-store purchasing programs.


Affiliate Programs

Now, Só Dança can empower dance studios and teachers to serve as affiliate partners, opening up new lines of business and rewarding long-time brand enthusiasts.



With many formerly mundane tasks now automated, Só Dança can devote their efforts to building the best digital customer experience.


Change Management

Marketing and selling to the end user was something that, in 30 years, Só Dança never thought would be possible. Imagination Media helped them make the transition as thoughtfully as possible.

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To Summarize

Imagination Media gave Só Dança the tools and functionality it needed to build custom solutions that complement their existing structure while providing the flexibility to expand and grow.

Rather than placing phone orders from a catalog, B2B and B2C customers can now enjoy a personalized shopping experience based on their demographics, location, purchase history and web behavior.


Catering to our customers’ needs and desires is much easier with a strong partner such as Imagination Media.

- Helena Hines, COO at Só Dança

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