Building an eCommerce brand from the ground up

Urban Farmer Seeds partnered with Imagination Media to drive digital transformation by applying tools that innovate, scale, and create extraordinary growth.

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By the numbers


Lift in Conversion Rate Post-Launch


Improvement in Page Load Time

5 out 5

CSAT Score


Imagination Media is great to work with. They are very responsive and have created a good product.

- Noah Herron, Chief Executive Officer, Urban Farmer

About Urban Farmer Seeds

Urban Farmer began selling seeds in December of 2014 and has expanded to one of the largest online seed retailers, globally.

Starting with just 10 Non-GMO vegetable seeds types, they now ship over 75,000 orders per year to over 100 countries. To help their growing business, they needed a solution that provided quality, innovation, and scalability.

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The Challenge

Since inception, Urban Farmer maintained steady online sales growth by attracting potential buyers through best-in-market search engine optimization and best-in-class content for their target customers.

However, as Urban Farmer grew sales, their existing eCommerce infrastructure failed to keep up with the increase in traffic and customer activity.

With more orders coming in, the team was burdened with complicated manual processes as they tried to keep up with customer orders.

Frustrated with increasingly lower on-site conversion rates, lack of robust merchandising tools, slow site speed, and virtually no order management solution, Urban farmer began an exhaustive search for the right partner to help them conduct a digital transformation that would result in improved site performance, increased sales, and higher back-office efficiency through technology.

The Solution

  • Customer Experience (CX)

  • Human Centered Design

  • Data Science and Experience (DX)

  • Digital Replatforming

Urban Farmer began an exhaustive search for a partner to help them conduct a digital transformation that would result in improved site performance, increased sales, and back-office automation.

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With a conversion rate of less than 1% , it was clear from the onset that Urban Farmer would need to re-platform in order to provide their customers a fast, modern shopping experience and their staff an easier way to manage inventory, orders, and fulfillment.


Connect the dots

Imagination Media chose Salesforce's Einstein, a predictable artificial intelligence tool, which creates meaningful connections with customers through data insights. Einstein’s product recommendations combine user behavior with algorithms and Urban Farmer’s rules to build a user profile of affinities. The customer profile allows us to determine the most relevant content and products for each customer in real time.


Convenience is key

The days of manual entry for checkout are gone. Urban Farmer can now calculate the cost to ship an order based on the location and pickup point of items in the buyer’s shopping cart. To provide an efficient and trusted interface for a buyer Imagination Media created a modern checkout and versityle payment options (credit card process, PayPal) for Urban Farmer.


A/B test your way to success

Urban Farmer needed to be more data-driven and strategic about their digital communications. But how do we know what works? Conducted across numerous marketing channels, testing presents valuable information on what customers desire.


Traffic Acquisition

In an effort to increase Urban Farmer’s visibility and rankings, Imagination Media used organic and paid advertising to drive traffic, boost conversions, and reach their target audience.


Lifecycle Marketing

Sending the right content, at the right time, to the right person is key to consumer connection. We chose Klaviyo, a dominant email service provider, to convert and retain new customers with personalized multi-channel campaigns triggered and personalized by customer behavior.

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To Summarize

Imagination Media redesigned and replatformed Urban Farmer’s website to create a best-in-class e-Commerce solution for the organic farming community.

Through enabling personalized buying experiences, Imagination Media helped Urban Farmer pair meaningful connections with a powerful digital stack. As a result, customer satisfaction became the foundation on which they continue to reinvent their online presence.

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