Elevating the workplace and digital experience.

Imagination Media helped a leading global nonprofit translate a vision for the future.

About World at Work

World at Work has come a long way in its 60-year history.

What started with 1955's founding and best pay practices has grown to now looking at how work can be more productive and inspiring. Their commitment is still the same: elevating the employee experience for a more productive, inspired worker!

The Challenge

World at Work envisioned a digital experience beyond out of the box functionality that will carry forward both their education and their eCommerce.

To accomplish this, they turned to BigCommerce, a platform uniquely positioned to handle innovation and extensibility.

Throughout scoping and the ideation process, the key differentiating factor was the ability to build end-to-end systems that created a frictionless experience.

Because of the timeline, their unique catalog, and multi-tenant systems, World at Work required complete overhaul of disjointed technology.

The Solution

World at Work presented different challenges than most traditional e-commerce clients. Utilizing BigCommerce’s robust APIs as a foundation, Imagination Media drove an entirely headless implementation in just under four months.

Our strategic augmentation services further enhanced the compressed timeline for the project. From day one to post-go-live, the experts at Imagination Media had a seat at the table. Speaking in the technical languages of other vendors, while also advising against deviations from best practice or regulation.


CTO advisory
* Solution end to end architecture
* PCI compliance run risk

Headless Commerce development
* Multi tenant overhaul

To Summarize

Imagination Media directed, consulted, developed, tested, and turned a product to market, serving as a strategy advisor for World at Work. Instead of merely creating a way to shop, Imagination Media ideated a digital experience where it is now possible to leverage: Headless architecture in its purest form API first - microservices - CMS Our strategic augmentation services further enhanced the compressed timeline for the project.

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